Journey of the Misfits


450 XP

2 Goblin Cutthroats
2 Wolves

Each of the characters in the group ended up on the merchant Traevus’ wagon heading for the town of Fallcrest. On the way, the wagon was attacked by a group of goblins led by a mysterious rider. The groups attempts at fending off the goblins were mostly successful. However, several of the goblins had enough time to steal a box from Traevus’ wagon. He has asked for the group to help find the stolen box, but hesitates to reveal the contents inside. It seems like a very important matter to him. He is almost in a panic.

Several members traveled off in search of the goblin lair and the mysterious rider’s identity, only to realize they would need more help from the members of the group who had not come along.

The characters finally met at the Crossroads, headed back toward the Goblin Lair. They encountered two goblin cutthroats and two wolves in this area and defeated them successfully.


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